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Quality + Affordability + Customer Service = MeriSite

If you are not satisfied with our service then we will refund your money.

  • No Programmer Needed
  • No Code Maintenance
  • Friendly Tech Support

How it Works?

Step One

Select the Template

Browse through our professionally crafted design template and select the one that fits your need.

Step Two

Customize the Content

With our easy to use interface, you can easily replace the content with your own without having to touch any code.

Step three

Share it with the World

That's it! Apparently, there is no third step. Your website is now live for the whole world to see and experience.

We hired professional designers, so you don't have to.

View the demo of each template or click select to use it for your own site.
  • Doctors and hospital website
  • Fashion Store website

Expand your horizons with E-Commerce

With just a click of the button, you can expand your reach to the whole world. You don't have to limit yourself in this digital age. With our Ecommerce feature, you can forget about the technical aspects and focus on your business.

Mobile Responsive Approach

With MeriSite, your website gets automatically converted into a mobile ready site. It will look perfect on every smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer without touching any code.

Friendly Customer Service

We got your back for all the technical worries so you can focus on your business. You can contact the team by phone, email or live chat. We have Video Tutorials that will help you learn to do things by yourself.

  • No Credit Card Required
  • 60 days Risk-Free Trial
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What are you waiting for?